There are a few different operations available for this style guide.

Gulp commands

gulp watch

These commands allow you to work on the styleguide by enabling the Fractal server and watching for changes in SCSS and JS files. Validation of these files is also done when editing and saving them.

gulp validate

This command validates all SCSS and JS files and reports back when syntax errors have been found.

gulp compile
gulp compile:dev

These commands depending on the one you use execute a certain amount of tasks:

  • It builds the Fractal theme with all CSS and JS code.
  • It minifies the images used in the styleguide.
  • (compile only!) Minification of the compiled CSS code.
  • (compile only!) Minification of the JS code
  • A plugin called CSSComb check for syntax order inside your SCSS files.
gulp build

This command combines the gulp validate and gulp compile commands. It is used to build a final version of the styleguide, ready to be published to NPM.