City of Ghent Style Guide


When to use this component

Use the textarea component to let users enter text that is longer than a single line.

When not to use this component

Do not use the textarea component to let users enter:

  • Text or a value that is not longer than a single line
  • A date
  • A time
  • A number
  • A password
  • An email
  • A telephone number

In these cases, use input component instead.

Usage, behavior, layout and validation

The textarea component is a form element that should always be used in a form. For a description of the usage, the behavior, the layout and validation of form elements, see the form component documentation.

{% include '@form-item' with _context %}
<div class="form-item ">
    <label for="textearea">Textarea
    <div class="form-columns">
        <div class="form-item-column">
            <textarea name="textearea" id="textearea">
        <div class="form-item-column">
  "id": "textearea",
  "input_component": "input-textarea",
  "label": "Textarea"