City of Ghent Style Guide


All notable changes to this style guide are documented here.

6.x-dev unreleased

  • New Stad Gent style. View all markup changes below. Always look up the mentioned elements in the styleguide to see the new HTML markup.

New mixins


The themify theme() function creates style selectors like this:

.cs--blue .original-selector .child ... {}

Where cs–blue is the theme color and that class is added to the element.

But sometimes the .original-selector is a body class which is not supported by the theme() function. The theme-body() function adds the color class to the first element of the selector:

.cs--blue.original-selector .child ... {}

Accolade element

@include accolade;

Add an outside accolade to an element and add a color to it.

Abstract shadow

@include abstract-shadow;

Add an underlying container of the same size under the chosen element. For example the highlight molecule.


@include button-icon-right;

Also added the .icon-right class for icons that are on the right-hand side.

HTML markup changes


Added legend-title class The legend now has a <span class="legend-title"> around the text/title/label

Input submit

Changed <input> to <button>. This is important to be able to use the hover effect in combination with an icon.

Icon atom

Removed icons: external-link, fancyback

Added icons: basket, civil-affairs, contact, cross-circle, culture, education, environment, for-children, fullscreen-enter, fullscreen-exit, ghent, health, info-circle, layers, link, living, map, mobility, music, next, pause, pinterest, play, previous, question, question-circle, refresh, settings, shopping, sign-language, spoken-language, stop, tag, target, threads, uitpas, uit-met-vlieg, view-grid, view-list, virus, whatsapp, wheelchair-no, work.

Some icons have been updated, using the same machine name.

Label icon

This element is new. Existing labels such as on teasers can be replaced by this atom. See teaser markup changes.

Important note molecule

This new molecule is used to display a colored text with same color icon in front of it. It is e.g. used in the Timeline Roadmap display.

Default heading changed from h3 to h2 and the close button has the .button-secondary class

Accordion molecule

This module is expanded with the option to add another container (for images, e.g. on Timeline) that is controlled with the data-controls-img attribute, linking it to the id of the img container.

Use the .accordion--link class for read-more type links with the correct button and content classes.

Contact details molecule

A wrapper was added to columns: .contact-details-columns and the h3 is changed to an h2 with class .h3, which is outside of those columns.

Highlight molecule

No more spot images via classes. The icon can be changed in HTML markup via the proper icon name in the <i> element. An H2 title has been added.

Call to action molecule

Not based on Highlight molecule anymore. Instead, there is new markup, including the option for an image (1:1).

Table of contents molecule

The H2 heading changed to H4 and is visible. The heading text changed as well. A class is added to the <ul> element to define 2 or 3 columns.

Status messages molecule

The icon classes have changed to the circle variants.

File upload molecule

The file upload molecule (variation multiple) has the new class multiple added on the section. <section class="file-upload multiple">. This change is needed to hide the ‘No file chosen.’ text on this variation.

Partner block molecule

  • Not based on Highlight molecule anymore.
  • Title is now an h2 instead of an h3.
  • .single-partner becomes .partners class because styling changes are determined based on wrapper class .partner__single or .partner__multiple.
  • <a> tag has .no-icon class so that it does not get an external link icon in some cases
  • (Optional) intro block contains only the title and text: extra wrappers for .intro and .intro-content.

Teaser molecule

There are multiple variations of teasers instead of just one. Pick the right variation for your use case.

  • Teasers without image now need the teaser class no-image for correct styling.
  • Teaser titles are now h3 with .h4 class, except for teaser--square__double, which has a regular h3 as a first teaser.
  • Event dates have the class date instead of event.
  • Labels follow the markup of the new atom “Label”. See label atom changes.
  • Tags list moved to below the teaser title, except for the square variant.
  • Tags and label in the square variant get a new parent div with class tags-label-wrapper.
  • Accolade markup should be deleted.
  • Wide teaser has no changes except for heading change and accolade removal, see above. The image has a 1:1 ratio.
  • Square double teaser added.

A banner-image-container full-width wrapper is added. The image inside is not a gallery but a simple image shown without data-ratio attribute.

Collection organism

The grid system is updated (Susy is removed), an example is added to the readme. The old (legacy) grid classes still work for now.

Header organism

  • The logo is bigger on the frontpage, based on a parent class is-frontpage.

Timeline organism

Timeline paragraph title is now an h3, the Timeline item title is now an h4 and the Timeline item subtitle is now an h5.

There’s an image (singular) that is loaded twice: once on the right side and shown on mobile and once on the left side and shown on desktop. Make sure the data-controls-img attribute of the title is the same as the image container for desktops’ id.

The timeline slots can have a reverse order (by adding the .timeline-slot-reverse class) e.g. if the previous slot is odd, but also if the previous slot is even and also has the .timeline-slot-reverse class.

The new timeline--roadmap variant is used for displaying steps. It also includes an accordion with extra content options.

Programme organism

Titles have changed to h2 and h3 for slot title and teaser title

Summary box organism

Not based on Highlight molecule anymore. The HTML markup has been simplified.

<aside class="summary-box">
<span>Show all photos <i class="icon-arrow-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></span>


<span>Show all photos <i class="icon-fullscreen-enter" aria-hidden="true"></i></span>

Contact details organism

Not based on Highlight molecule anymore. The HTML markup has been simplified.

<section class="contact-details">

The links get a no-icon class.

Add the .contact-details--with-image class to the contact-details section if you want to remove the side margins and set it to full width.

  • Titles become h4 except Gentinfo title stays h3.
  • gentinfo-block class gets 2nd class dark-background.
  • icon-document icon becomes icon-subscribe
  • Gentinfo ul element gets extra class inline.
  • Gentinfo ul links get new class no-icon.
  • Gentinfo button is secondary instead primary and gets extra class icon-left.
  • Social block has an h4 title instead of h3.
  • The newsletter block does not use highlight block anymore, instead it uses the new feature-block markup.

Filter layout

  • “You have selected” and “Found results” is normal text instead of h2.
  • The left sidebar title changed from h2 to h3.

5.x and older